Request for Recycling

Request for Membrane Recycling

For the normal treatment of an 8 inch RO spiral wound module you can expect a cost of 25 Euro / piece. The degree and type of pollution, the global location, customs and export regulations have an effect on the precise pricing in each case.

The easiest way to dispose your modules is to buy the disposal straight via your module provider when you buy the modules. In this way, the disposal is directly connected with the purchase of your modules. You have thus fulfilled your obligation to provide evidence to your supervisory authorities or owners.

Please note:
You are welcome to contact us with membranes loaded with special substances such as environmental toxins, heavy metals, natural radionuclides. We have special procedures for this, which ensure proper treatment and disposal. Please send us your inquiry also with our form and use the appropriate areas in the form for this.

Download and save the fillable PDF form. Put in the data of the membranes to be disposed. Send your singed request via e-mail to

  Download here our form and your request here (english)!

Für die Entsorgung von RO Modulen aus Deutschland gelten gesonderte Regelungen. Aus diesem Grunde bitten wir Sie das folgende Formular zu nutzen.

Hier können Sie unser Formular für Ihre Entsorgungsanfrage in Deutschland herunterladen (deutsch)!